Opening an Account

Checklist of items and information needed for opening accounts.

To complete a Membership Card, you will need:

  • Valid photo identification (Driver's Licence, Social Security Card, Passport, National ID or School ID with birth certificate)
  • Current utility bill if you do not have a driver's licence
  • Birth certificate for adults without a photo identification
  • Initial Deposit (minimum of EC $80.00: one (1) share - $50.00, Minimum Deposit - $5.00, Entrance Fee - $10.00, Passbook - $5.00, Rules Book- $10.00) 
  • Notes: (i) Multiple Shares can be purchased.  (ii) A Share needs to be purchased for each beneficary you name to your account.

A parent or guardian applies to open and operate the account on the child’s behalf.

Here’s what you will need to bring along:

  • Valid photo identification – Social Security Card or passport for adults
  • Birth certificate for child
  • Guardians – bring in documentation confirming you are the child’s guardian.
  • Initial Deposit. A minimum of EC $20.00 (Minimum Deposit - $5.00, Entrance Fee $10.00, Passbook - $5.00)
NOTE: A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER is to be provided for children who are a US citizen or GREEN CARD Holder.


 Registered Co-operatives and Businesses

  • Certificate of Incorporation or
  • Certificate of Registration or Registration of Business Name
  • Initial Deposit of at least $20.00  (Minimum Deposit - $5.00, Entrance Fee $10.00, Passbook - $5.00)
  • A letter authorising the opening of the account (preferably on the company's letterhead) and naming three signatories 
  • The three persons who have been appointed as signatories are to provide specimen signatures at NCCU's  offices
  • Verifiable and valid photo identification for signatories eg. -Social Security Card, driver's license or passport

Organisations, Service Clubs, Schools, Churches, Credit Unionettes

  • Letter or Resolution from the Executive authorising opening of the account  and naming two members to sign on the group’s behalf
  • Specimen signatures of the signatories (to be provided at our offices)
  • Verifiable photo identification for signatories – Social Security Card or passport
  • Initial Deposit of at least $20.00 for deposit accounts (Minimum Deposit - $5.00, Entrance Fee $10.00, Passbook - $5.00)

Take Note:
1. A Business Deposit Account is a prerequisite for a Business Chequing (Current) Account. Open both at the same time.
2. Changes to instructions for operating accounts of companies, co-operatives and organisations must be in writing to NCCU.

  • Birth Certificate, Social Security Card or Passport

Note: All members/depositors are required to complete a Declaration of Source of Funds (DSF) form for ALL deposits of $10,000 and over, or on any lesser amount as determined by the Credit Union.