WOCCU/CCCU Convention in the Bahamas
NCCU's  contingent of 15 volunteers and staff members attended and participated in the 2019 WOCCU/CCCU Convention in the Bahamas from July 27 - 31, 2019. 
President of NCCU, Mrs. Josephine Dublin received the Silver Sponsor for recognition and pledging towards CCCU Development Foundation, Mr. Aylmer Irish, CEO, received the Sustainers Award from the CCCU respectively, at the Corporate and Social Responsibility session and Mr. Curth Charles, CFO, received the I-CUDE for his achievement and contribution in mentoring and developing Regional Leaders and for his exemplary efforts in fostering international Credit Union Development. 

From the reports the convention  was informative, the networking great and the socialising fun. 
Catch a glimpse of a few moments.