Cash Secured Loans

With a Cash Secured Loan, you don’t have to tap into your hard earned savings to buy the things you need. Use your Savings, Deposits, Fixed Deposits or Member Retirement Account (MRA) to secure your loan.

Use a Cash-Secured loan for any purpose….the options are endless!

We've extended our ASAP Loan!

Special interest rate of 4.5% 

  See features and benefits below 

Cash Secured Loans

Features & Benefits

  • Walk in, apply and receive loan funds right away
  • Set your repayment terms
  • No supporting documentation and no credit reports required
  • No loan processing fees, no hidden charges
  • Loan protection coverage of up to $150,000 is provided at no cost to you
  • Monitor your loan with CUCall, our 24-hour telephone service, at no direct cost to you  
Additional Information:

Enjoy the convenience of a cash secured loan today!


All loans are subject to NCCU’s Loan Policies and approval procedures

To find out details on what can be used as security click here.