Productive/Business Loans
Our productive loans can be used by members to generate income, create or sustain employment, and provide goods and services for the local & export markets. 

Let us help you grow your small business or bring an idea to life.


  • Low interest rate 
  • No loan processing fees. No hidden charges
  • 100% financing up to $150,000 
  • Grace period of up to three (3) months on payment of principal, if needed
  • Up to ten (10) years to repay
  • Loan protection coverage up to $150,000 at no cost to you


 Call to  make an appointment. with our Business Development Officer

Here's a checklist of items you'll need to provide us with: 

  • Business financial statements ( for existing businesses)
  • Business plan including cash flow projections for 3 years for loan amounts over $20,000
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration certificate 
  • A minimum of 10% of the loan request as Security savings
  • Invoices (documentation) to support your application 
  • Details of security being offered
  • Details of your liabilities and commitments (loans, hire purchase, household expenses)
  • NCCU passbook(s) and photo identification (eg. Social Security Card or passport)
  • if the approved loan is $77,000 and more or if you are 50 years and older, a medical examination is necessary for loan protection coverage. 
For loans for Agricultural Land: 
In addition to the above, the following are needed.  
  • A letter of intent to sell from the property owner or real estate agent
  • Current market Valuation of property
  • Plan of the land 
  • Copy of vendor's Certificate of Title and if necessary, a letter from a bank or lawyer indicating the title can be released
Mortgage Loans for Businesses
NCCU also funds mortgage loans for commercial building construction or purchase.  The minimum amount will be $50,000


All loans are subject to NCCU’s Loan Policies and approval procedures

To find out details on what can be used as security click here.