Christmas Club
Special Interest for a Special time

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and celebrating. And we know nothing feels better than having the money to do all these things with your loved ones during the holiday season. With a Christmas Club Account you can save towards the next holiday season.

Features and Benefits
  • Earn interest at a guaranteed rate of 5% per annum
  • Club savings Plus interest are automatically transferred to a NCCU sub-account of your choice at the end of November. Simply tell us which sub account -- Security Savings, Deposit or Chequing account
  • Easy account opening with only a $5.00 deposit
  • Save up to $6,000 every year, up to $500.00 per month
  •  Access your club savings over the counter or through the ATM 
  •  Use CUCall, our 24-hour telephone teller, to keep track of your savings 
How to Open

If you are already a member, simply come in and ask a teller to open an account for you.

If you are not yet enjoying the benefits of NCCU membership,  join NCCU and open a Christmas Club account at the same time.
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