Protecting Your Family & Their Well-Being.

As a member of your credit union, you and your family receive the benefits of two important insurance products. And both are provided at no direct cost to you!

Loan Protection Coverage

This loan coverage plan is designed to pay off or reduce the unpaid balance of your National Co-operative Credit Union Ltd loan upon your death. A maximum of $150,000 can be paid.

  • Eligible members with loans of $77,000 and members 50 years and over must take a medical examination to participate in this plan. 
  • Under this plan, disability claims are also covered up to a limit of $27,000.
  • With Loan Protection Insurance, you no longer have to worry about your family paying off your loan in the event of death or permanent disability.

Life Savings Insurance

Our Life Savings Insurance plan allows your beneficiary to receive life insurance based on your insurable savings balance.

  • Coverage is provided up to age 70. 
  • Up to age 55, members are matched up to $20,000 of their shares. 
  • Coverage is given in proportion to the amount saved at ages 60, 65 and 70. 
  • If you qualify, each deposit you make to your Share Savings account earns life insurance benefits. 
  • With Life Savings Insurance, you can ease the burden your family will bear in the event of your death.

Contact your Credit Union for further information on these plans.