Family Indemnity Plan
Losing a Loved One is Difficult Enough, so It's Good to Be Financially Prepared

The Family Indemnity Plan (FIP) offers financial comfort during difficult times. It provides a cash benefit for covering funeral costs of Credit Union Members' and eligible family members. Up to six (6) family members can be insured at any one time.

Eligible family members' include:

  • The Member
  • Member's spouse or 'significant other'
  • Member's children aged 1-25  including adopted, step and foster children; financial dependants
  • Member's parents or in-laws under the age of 76 (Both parents or both in-laws or one of each)

 Except in the case of dependent children, there is no maximum age limit for continuing under the plan.

Features & Benefits

Choose a plan that best suits you:





 $26.40 monthly



 $39.60 monthly



 $52.80 monthly



 $79.20 monthly


        PLAN E

$105.60 monthly


        PLAN F

$132.00 monthly


        PLAN G

 $158.40 monthly 


The benefit is based on the Plan selected.

Advantages of the Plan

  • Up to six (6) family members are covered for one affordable monthly premium
  • The benefit is paid for each insured person
  • No medical examinations or questions
  • Lifetime insurance coverage
  • Claims are settled within 2 days providing quick access to cash

To enroll visit a Branch or call for more information.