Convenience Services

We offer an array of services designed to help members’ save time. 

A night depository is available at NCCU’s offices for members and business persons needing to make deposits, payments or drop offs during non-business hours.

  • Safe - No need to leave cash on your business premises at the end of the day. Drop your csh receipts into the night depository and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.
  • Central Location: Our night depository is located in the center of Roseau on the corner of Independence and Cork Streets
  • Convenient – wallets are collected at NCCU’s offices during normal working hours
  • Free - this service is at no cost to members.
    (Note: Lost wallets are replaced at a fee)

 Send a pre-determined amount to your NCCU accounts each month. This is at no cost to you. It’s one of the easy ways we help you to save and/or pay off a loan.

  • Quick - your funds are available immediately.
  • Convenient – deposit to the account(s) of your choice.  You can also authorise a payroll deduction to a spouse’s and/or to a child’s account.
  • Affordable- the service is at no direct cost to you.    

Pre-Authorised Payments allow bills with a fixed payment, deposits to other financial institutions and hire purchase payments to be paid from your account each month. And  this is done for a small monthly fee. Think of the time you’ll save. 

With Automatic Transfer, your loan payment(s) and/or deposit(s) are transferred automatically from a Share/Savings, Deposit or Chequing Account. Depositing to savings or paying off a loan becomes easy and worry-free with Automatic Transfer.


Access your money Anywhere in the world, Anytime you want.
International Debit Card (IDC) and Cucall.

Members may transact all Credit Union business by mail. Receipts are sent back to you by mail.

We provide personal member service by phone and fax. Call us at (767) 255-2172 or fax us at (767)255-2109 with your enquiries.  Calling from overseas, reach us at (718) 618-5877

For general inquiries on products, services, policies and procedures, members can contact us by email. Please do not include account specific information in emails.