Land Loans

We can fund that ideal piece of land … your first investment towards your home.


Save Money!!!

  • Interest rate of 6.5% per annum on the reducing balance
  • No processing fees
  • No hidden charges

Peace of Mind

  • Loan protection coverage up to $150,000 at no cost to you. 
  • 100% financing. You can get the amount needed.
  • Up to 15 years to repay.


  • Legal matters are promptly dealt with by our Legal Department.

And when you are ready to build your dream home, the balance of your residential land loan will be rolled into your mortgage to give you one monthly affordable payment for both house and land.


To apply call (255-2128) for an appointment with a Loans Officer or come in to our Loans Department and talk to our caring and helpful staff.

Items needed:

  • A minimum  of 5% of the total amount of the loan requested.
  • A letter of intent to sell from the owner or real estate agent.
  • Current market valuation of property.
  • Land survey Plan (3 copies)
  • Member Shares based on the amount of loan 
  • Copy of vendor’s Certificate of Title. 
  • SubDivision Approval if part of land is being purchased. 
  • Employed persons--most recent pay-slip or salary statement from your employer.
  • Self-employed persons -- recent financial statements of business. 
  • Your NCCU passbook(s) and a valid photo identification (eg. Social Security card or passport or driver's licence).
  • Details of your liabilities and commitments (other loans, hire purchase, household expenses) for the application.
  • If the approved loan is $77,000 and upwards or you are 50 years and older, a medical examination by an approved medical doctor is necessary for loan protection coverage. 
  • Member Shares/Loans click here!


All loans are subject to NCCU’s Loan Policies and approval procedures

To find out details on what can be used as security click here.