International Debit Card
The Possibilities are endless

An NCCU International Debit Card allows you to access money from your accounts anywhere in the world, anytime you want.


  • Now there's no need to carry cash or cheques when shopping or traveling.
  • Use your card at home and around the world at thousands of ATMs where VISA logo is dislayed.
  • Use it at a Point of Sale (POS) at your favourite supermarkets and stores locally, regionally and internationally and online.
  • Also, use to shop online and make online payments

Check an NCCU Branch for details:

Roseau: 255-2126

Vieille Case: 255-2241

St. David's: 255-2256

St. Paul: 255-2211

La Salette: 255-2226

Click here to view NCCU INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD Agreement Form


How do I apply for a Debit Card?

Visit any NCCU Branch to apply for a debit card [CUCard]. Bring along a valid picture ID.

At the Roseau Branch, debit cards are issued immediately. Members must return to pick up their card from the other 4 Branches.

Is there an application fee for the Debit Card?

ATM Card Holders:                        No Fee to replace

New Debit Card [First Card]:       $10

Replacement of lost Card:          $20 

Are there fees for using the Debit Card?

NCCU ATMs:                                   No Fee 

Non-NCCU ATMS:                         The financial institution charges a fee [apx. $5]

Can I choose an account to link my Debit Card?

Yes!  You can select an existing savings or deposit account to link your Debit Card. Or a new account can be set up specifically for your Card.

How can I check my account balances?

It's easy to track transactions and balances with CUCall, our 24-hour, free, telephone service (Tel 767-255-2100 or 449-7228). Request set up of CUCall when you apply for a debit card.


  • Memorise your PIN.
  • Do not share your card or PIN with others.
  • Keep your receipts until you reconcile your account
  • Use CUCall to monitor your account
  • Never give your debit card number over the phone unless you initiated the call and are certain that the recipient is legitimate.