Special Agricultural Loans
Just for our farmers' needs

Farmers come talk to us about the Special Agricultural Loans if you:

  • Need to purchase inputs
  • Defray labour expenses
  • Need to purchase planting material for non-banana crops

Benefits and Features

  • Fixed interest rate of 6.5% per annum on the reducing balance.
  • FREE Loan Protection Coverage & Life Savings Insurance. 
  • No processing and commitment fees. No hidden charges.

  • Up to 2 years to repay.
  • Borrow funds to purchase inputs, defray labour expenses and purchase planting material for non-banana crops.

  • 100% financing.  
  • There is No waiting period.
  • Save & invest for the future with our compulsory savings plan.

  • All legal matters related to your Special Agricultural Loans are handled by our Legal Department. 


Visit ANY NCCU Branch to apply for your Special Agricultural Loan.

Items needed:

  • A minimum of 5% of the total amount of the loan requested. [No Character Loans]
  • Member shares based on the amount of loan
  • Details of security being offered
  • Farm records 
  • Your NCCU passbook(s) and photo identification like Social Security card.
  • Details of your liabilities and commitments.
  • Member Shares/Loans click here!

Loan Conditions

  • Farmer must be in possession of his or her rented/lease land suitable for agriculture
  • Farmer must be a member of a marketing company such as DAPEX or Fair Trade Association Membership in a farmer's organisation in his community is an advantage
  • Maximum loan per farmer is $10,000.00.
  • A recommendation from an Agricultural Extension Officer is mandatory
  • Letter from DAPEX, Fair Trade and other similar organisation certifying other produce will be purchased and funds remitted to NCCU.  Or a confirmed market (in writing) for the produce.
  • Farmers may qualify for a grace period.