Deposit Accounts
Manage your funds efficiently.

Use an ordinary Deposit accountt to manage the money you need for monthly expenses.

Save for purposes such as vacation, insurances, taxes, car repairs in special deposit accounts.

 Ask a teller to open one or more special deposit accounts for you. Name them  for your purpose--eg. Education, Vacation etc.

These accounts are available with all the usual NCCU benefits:

  • Open and maintain an account with only $5.00
  • No monthly service charges

  • No limit on transactions
  • Unrestricted deposits and withdrawals
  • Free, easy and secure 24-hour access through CUCall (telephone-teller service) and International Debit Card (ATM)

  • Competitive interest rate paid bi-annually
  • Use deposits as security for a loan

  • Payroll Deduction makes saving hassle-free! 

Note: All members/depositors are required to complete a Declaration of Source of Funds (DSF) form for ALL deposits of $10,000 and over, or on any lesser amount as determined by the Credit Union.
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