JN Money
 Keep connected to family and friends with NCCU   

JN Money is a safe, convenient and affordable option to send or receive money from family and friends in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Cayman and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

JN Money can be received only in  Barbados, Antigua, Trinidad and Tobago. and Guyana.

NCCU members residing overseas can use JN Money to send money to savings and loan accounts.   

  • The service is available to EVERYONE--NCCU members and the general public
  • Branches and agents are conveniently located in areas where Dominicans and other Caribbean nationals live and work
  • The service is affordable. Spend less to send more. Send US$100 for only US$5

To find the JN Money agent closest to you, log on to  and click on Agent Locator or call the National Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. 

  • Senders must present a valid photo identification *
  • Members sending money directly to savings or loan accounts must provide the JNMoney agent with the account number  eg. 255555. 
  • if sending money to the account of a relative or friend, provide the person's name and  account number. Ensure the agent enters the transaction as a "Third Party Transaction"

*(eg. DSS Card, Driver's License, Passport)

Top up International phones at the Roseau Branch. 


Note: All members/depositors are required to complete a Declaration of Source of Funds (DSF) form for ALL deposits of $10,000 and over, or on any lesser amount as determined by the Credit Union.