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Its Easy to Join

Are you ready  to open your National Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (NCCU) account?  It's easy. All you need to do is  answer "yes" to these questions

  • can use NCCU  services
  • are 15 years old  
  • are a citizen or resident of Dominica or a citizen of another CARICOM member state
  • have a parent who is from Dominica
If you are  applying from overseas or are a US citizen or resident Click on the Overseas tab below 

Next, visit one of our seven (7) Branches. Bring along a

  1. Valid photo identification: Passport, Social Security Card, Driver's Licence, National ID, School ID with Birth Certificate.  

  2. Proof of Address: ( required if you do not have a valid Driver's licence)   Most recent Utility Bill (no more than 4 months old) -- DOMLEC, DOWASCO, DIGICEL PLAY, MARPIN, LIME -- with your full name and current address or a Recent Bank Statement with your full name and address. 

    Contact a Branch, if you do not have a bill or bank statement with your name and address.  

  3. A minimum of  EC$100.00 to cover the cost of new member account fees, the minimum $5 deposit, one Member Share at $50.   

    Notes: (i) More than one Share can be purchased.  (ii) A Share needs to be purchased for each beneficary you name to your account.

  4. Written consent from your current credit union. Click on tab below for details. 

  5. A recent salary slip/documentary record, for income exceeding $2,500 per month.
CONGRATULATIONS. You are now on your way to being a member and part owner of the largest credit union in the OECS.

To view a SAMPLE Membership Application form click here!


You can still join NCCU if you are a member of another credit union but wish to benefit from NCCU's wide range of quality and modern services. But first, you must disclose to the credit union your intention to seek membership in NCCU in keeping with Section 26 (8) of  the new Co-operatives Society Act  No. 2 of 2011. The Act stipulates that "A person who is a member of a credit union shall not apply for membership of another credit union unless his or her application is accompanied by the written consent of the credit union of which he or she is already a member ..."

NCCU welcomes you into its family of depositors. Ask  a parent or guardian to open a Young Savers Account in your name.  This person will serve as the trustee to the account until you turn 18.

If you live overseas you can open an account with NCCU. Accounts can also be opened by co-operatives, organizations, churches, clubs, schools as well as by members in business. Details are provided below


To complete a Membership Application form click here!


1. You sign the form
2. It is witnessed and signed by two persons
3. You enter one or more beneficiaries in the event of death

 The Card is to be duly notarized and returned to us by mail with the following: 

 Notarized copy of  

  • Passport (identity page)  
  • US passport (identity page) or Green Card  if you are a US citizen or resident 
  • Driver's licence with current address or a  
  • Current utility or bank statement bill with  your full name and address 
  • Your birth certificate and a parent’s birth certificate – if you are of Dominican parentage 
  •  A completed W-9 IRS Tax Form if you are a US citizen or resident
  • A recent salary slip/documentary record, for income exceeding $2,500 per month
Please include
  • A minimum of EC$80.00. This amount covers new member account fees of  EC$25.00,  the minimum $5 deposit and one Member Share at EC$50.00  (Consider purchasing more than one Share).
Notes: (i) Multiple Shares can be purchased.  (ii) A Share needs to be purchased for each beneficary you name to your account.

Money to open the account can be sent by bank draft,  international money order or personal check.Click here to see ways to  transfer funds to Dominica.

Please inform us promptly of changes in address, marital status and beneficiary. Whenever there is a change in your life, please let us know.

Business, Co-operative, Organization, Church, Club, School

At NCCU, We give business a head start! We support members already in business, members wishing to get into business and registered co-operatives. If you’re expanding or starting your business, talk to us about a productive loan. Make the most of a business opportunity—we’re here to help.

And we know that it’s no small job operating a business. That’s why we provide a wide range of financial products and services to help you manage your business such as deposit and chequing accounts and a night deposit service.

Click here to open a Deposit or Chequing account for a business or organization


Note: All members/depositors are required to complete a Declaration of Source of Funds (DSF) form for ALL deposits of $10,000 and over, or on any lesser amount as determined by the Credit Union.