Members’ Appreciation Day: October 2020
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

It’s Member Appreciation Day today.

We appreciate all the members of our NCCU family and want you to celebrate with us!
Visit ANY of our 7 NCCU Branches:

- Roseau Branch

- La Salette Branch

- St. Paul Branch

- St. David's Branch

- Vieille Case Branch

- Castle Bruce Branch

- La Plaine Branch

Thank You for your membership!

NCCU'S 10TH Annual General Meeting [AGM]
Monday, 12 October 2020

Please be informed that the 10th Annual General Meeting of the NCCU Ltd. will take place on Sunday, 25th October 2020 from 3:00 pm at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium Forecourt, Bath Road, Roseau.

Credit Union Week: October 11th – 17th, 2020
Sunday, 11 October 2020

As we observe Credit Union Week (October 11th – 17th) this year in a time when we have had to adopt a new normal way of life, this year’s theme is not only accurate and timely but encouraging.
“Inspiring Hope for a Global Community”

The President of the Dominica Cooperative Societies League Mrs. Josephine Dublin speaks to this and its importance.
Take a listen and always try to inspire and be inspired.
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NCCU Ltd Awards Secondary School Scholarships to Seventeen Students
Thursday, 13 August 2020

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, NCCU Ltd awarded seventeen (17) scholarships to children of NCCU members, to attend secondary school from September 2020. This is in keeping with international cooperative principles on education, training and information and concern for community.

Two (2) scholarships were based on merit and fifteen (15) scholarships were based on need. The scholarships were awarded for a period of five years and are in the names of volunteers who have contributed significantly towards the progress of the Credit Union movement in Dominica.

A total of seventy-three (73) students are now recipients of NCCU secondary school scholarships.

Scholarship recipients for 2020 are:

Student                                           Address                              Type/Named Scholarship 
 Anyella K. J. Birmingham   Mahaut   NCCU Merit
 Lizanne C. C. Cuffy   Mahaut  Shand Jolly Merit Scholarship 
 Kern G. Frederick   Bellevue Chopin  Edward Elwin 
 Aneesha Pinard   Castle Comfort   Edward Elwin 
 Vernelle Valmond   Trafalgar  Edward Elwin
 Brianna J. K. Dublin   Goodwill  Edward Elwin 
 Krisia E. L. Jean Jacques   Moren Prosper   Edward Elwin 
 Vernelle S. Williams   Kings Hill  Hudson Savarin 
 Typeigh S. T. Davis   Kings Hill  Hudson Savarin 
 Nikisha N. Lawrence   Riviere Cyrique   Ambrose Cuffy Memorial 
 Angel Nicholas   Mahaut   Myrtle Hilton 
 Yahsmin Christian   Fond Cole   Kenneth Anthony Richards 
 Dylan Vixtor   Thibaud   Vernice Bellony 
 Jaida Jacob   Paix Bouche   Haynes Baptiste 
 Curtney Augustine   Soufriere   Marie Wilkins 
 Pedro S. Frederick   Kalinago Territory   Johnson Joseph George Thomas 
 Tafari N. Hawse  La Plaine   Derrick Lestrade 

NCCU congratulates all seventeen new scholars and extends best wishes for a successful journey throughout secondary school.


Press Release - NCCU Ltd 2020 Scholarship Presentation Ceremony
Wednesday, 12 August 2020



                                PRESS RELEASE                                                                 




The National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) Ltd will on Thursday, 13th August 2020, present seventeen (17) secondary school scholarships to children of members of the NCCU Ltd.  Two (2) scholarships will be awarded based on merit and fifteen (15) based on need.

The two (2) merit scholarships will be awarded to:

(i)            Anyeila K J Birmingham, who will receive the NCCU Ltd’s Merit Scholarship

(ii)           Lizanne Cuffy, who will receive the Shand Jolly Merit Scholarship       

Each scholarship is awarded for a period of five (5) years and for a 6th year, where applicable, based on extenuating circumstances.

Fifteen (15) other scholarships will be awarded in the names of credit union pioneers or volunteers, who provided and in some instances continue to provide committed service to the credit union movement.  These include

(i)            Haynes Baptiste

(ii)           Vernice Bellony

(iii)          Ambrose Cuffy

(iv)         Edward Elwin

(v)          Myrtle Hilton

(vi)         Kenneth Richards

(vii)        Hudson Savarin

(viii)       Johnson Joseph George Thomas

(ix)         Marie Wilkins


The 17 secondary school scholarships, being awarded commencing with the 2020 – 2021 academic year, will result in a total of seventy—three (73) students, enrolled for the new academic year.

For the first time, the NCCU Ltd will award The Derrick Lestrade scholarship, named after a credit union pioneer from the village of La Plaine.  The Derrick Lestrade Scholarship will be awarded annually to children of members from La Plaine and the surrounding villages.

The NCCU Ltd is grateful to our valued members for their patronage and loyalty, making it possible to continue funding this vital social programme and our dedicated and committed staff and volunteers, who facilitate the provision of our services.

The 2020 Secondary School Scholarship Presentation Ceremony, will be held at the Public Service Union Building, from 10:00am on Thursday, 13th August 2020.


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